Contracts (Polygon)

Currently, the Armadillo Impermanent loss protection product supports buying protections against Impermanent loss on the Polygon blockchain. If you are unfamiliar with the Polygon network, you will first need to bridge some coins from Ethereum to Polygon. Once you have done this, you will need to get some USDC coins on Polygon, something you can do easily using Quickswap.

Below are contracts used in IL product and their addresses:

Impermanent loss controller:

CVI feed oracle:

NFT Protector:

..... More contract addresses

General, unrelated to the IL product in particular, is the USDC contract which you can add to Metamask to view your USDC balance. Note that USDC is used as coin for buying protection as well as payout at the end of the protection period.

NOTE: To add USDC and/or NFT Protector to your Metamask (so that you can view your balance in Metamask), see below image - simply use the "Import Tokens" link displayed below showing on your Metamask and use the above Ethereum addresses as the "Token Contract Address".

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